What is Universal Design?

At Denco, our customers have always been our top priority.  Our buyers constantly source products from around the world to find the best possible quality at the most affordable prices.  But we began to realize that many of our loyal customers were aging and suffering from conditions such as arthritis.  We also heard from many of our professional customers who were struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome because of repetitive movements at work.  These people were having trouble using the traditional beauty tools that we were selling.  Many also didn’t want to buy bulky, specialized “contraptions” from medical suppliers.  So we set out to design a line of tools that would give our customers what they needed.

Universal Design helps us to create tools that can be used by people of all ages and abilities.  Our goal is to provide stylish, easy to use and effective tools that make you look good and feel good.

Some of the Universal Design features that you’ll find in our Evolution line are:


  • A permanently aligned pin keeps the tool in a ready-to-clip position so you don’t have to twist or flip the handle before using it.
  • A wide jaw opening accommodates thicker toenails, which is great news since our toenails tend to get thicker as we age!
  • Super-sharp, vertical blades cleanly slice through the nail, instead of crushing it as regular blades do.  This allows for less force so you don’t have to squeeze so hard.  
  • Wide handles are easy to hold with a traditional pinch grip, a lateral finger grip and a palm grip.  This provides maximum control, even if you have reduced hand strength.
  • Non-slip, rubber pads improve both grip and comfort!

Foot Smoother

  • Multidirectional metal rasp allows you to smooth in a back and forth or circular motion, whatever is most comfortable for you!
  • Removable back traps shavings inside the smoother until you’re ready to dispose of them, helping to eliminate messy work areas – and reaching or bending to clean them!
  • Extra-long, angled handle allows you to reach all parts of your feet more easily.
  • Thick, rubberized handle provides a non-slip and comfortable grip.


  • Rounded back allows for a traditional pinch grip and a more supportive palm grip.
  • Taller tweezer body minimizes slipping and twisting for a more secure hold and increased accuracy.
  • Non-slip, rubber pads improve comfort and control.