Our Lifetime Guarantee

You don’t see a lot of Lifetime Guarantees anymore.  Priorities have shifted.  Society has gone from placing a high importance on product quality to buying things as cheaply as possible.  In general, everything has become disposable and people are unwilling to pay more for craftsmanship.  We’re not here to judge, but we feel there is still a need for high quality, affordable products that are guaranteed for life.  That’s why we continue to provide them.

Since 1968, Denco has sourced our key, precision tools like nippers, scissors and tweezers from Europe and Japan.  Today, we also provide lower priced alternatives like clippers from China.  However, no matter where our Denco tools are made, we quality inspect each of them in our own facility in upstate New York to be sure they will provide you with a lifetime of excellent results.

Our pledge to you is that if you are not satisfied with a Denco metal tool, we will repair or replace it for FREE.  Guaranteed.