Trimming Unruly Eyebrows

Eyebrows grow, just like other facial hair, and they can also get long and unruly too! Have you noticed that as you age, your nose, ear and eyebrow hair is kicking into overdrive? Maybe you're also getting those pesky, long chin hairs that seem to appear overnight and go from nothing to an inch long in the blink of an eye? It may seem like a full time job, keeping up with all this hair but, happily, trimming your eyebrows is very simple and it will definitely keep you looking more polished.

Using a small comb or a spoolie brush (which looks like a mascara wand), brush your eyebrows up toward your forehead. Now, following the natural top curve of your eyebrow, trim the tips of any hair that extends beyond the curve. A small, point tip scissor with a straight blade will give you excellent precision. However, if you're more comfortable with a safety tip, use a scissor with a rounded edge.

It's always better to trim too little than to trim too much. So, if your eyebrows are a bit sparse, you may want to leave them a slightly longer than the upper curve. However, if your eyebrows are thick, bushy or curly, you can trim tightly to the upper curve. Once you've finished, use your comb or spoolie and brush your eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth. They will be noticeably smoother and well shaped.