Tips for Testing a Fragrance

Finding the fragrance that is right for you can be tough. To find one you love, you need to test it on your skin and wear it for a while to see how it develops over time. Each person’s skin has its own smell, influenced by body chemistry and diet, so a fragrance that is appealing on someone else may not smell the same on you.

Test a fragrance by applying it to your pulse points, your wrists, bend of your arm or your neck. Wear it for a few hours to see how it changes over time. Avoid applying the fragrance to your clothing as the fragrance oils may stain the fabric.

The initial scent when you apply a fragrance is referred to as the top note. This is the most obvious part of a fragrance and consists of the most volatile components. Citrus and green accords along with lighter fruity and herbs are usually present in the top notes.

Within a few minutes of application, the top note will dissipate and the middle notes will unfold to reveal the body or heart of the fragrance. The middle notes are usually heavier fruits, florals and spices.

The bottom notes are the foundation of the fragrance, the clinging impression that is left behind after the lighter notes fade. The bottom notes are responsible for a fragrance’s longevity. They can include woods, mosses, amber, vanilla and musk.

You may find that you prefer lighter, fresher fragrances for daytime use or when you are more active and warmer, spicy or musk blends for evening wear. Whatever your preferences, ParfumBelcam fragrances have a scent to meet your needs. With so many luxurious options to choose from, you can develop a wardrobe of fragrances, a small indulgence that will allow you to express your unique personality!