The Right Smoother for your Calluses

Have you ever looked at your feet and thought your calluses were really thick and ugly, or that they felt rough and ragged? The good news is that most people tend to overestimate how "bad" their feet really are. That also means that it's easier to get your feet looking and feeling great than you may think! You know that calluses protect your feet, so how do you choose a foot smoother that quickly reduces calluses but is also gentle enough not to overdo it?

  1. If your calluses are hard, thick and cracked, you'll probably have the best success with a callus reducer. This tool features a fine grater surface that gently shaves off thin layers of skin. You will not need to apply much pressure because the tool will do almost all of the work. It's important to keep in mind that you are only reducing the callus thickness, not removing that callus. A callus reducer will leave your skin feeling rough so you will need to go over the surface with a basic foot smoother afterward.
  2. If your calluses are moderate and accompanied by a bit of dry skin, they will be quickly smoothed with a professional foot smoother or a ceramic foot smoother. Both options focus more on smoothing than reducing the thickness of calluses. The professional foot smoother has a curved surface and long handle to reach every part of your foot. The ceramic smoother is a bit more abrasive, longer lasting and it features two levels of grit (coarser on one side and finer on the other).
  3. If your feet are just a bit rough or you are looking to maintain your already-smoothed feet, you will be fine with a standard, emery style foot smoother. This affordable option is double-sided, offering medium grit on one side and fine grit on the other. It's perfect for using in the shower to keep calluses and dry spots at bay.

Whatever foot smoother you use, rubbing lotion or cream on your feet while they are still damp is a great way to keep them soft and supple. For tough cases of dryness, try massaging cream into them at night and then wearing socks to bed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation, you should not use a foot smoother of any kind.