The Right Nail Cutting

There are many styles of tools designed to help you keep your nails trimmed, but which one is right for you? The answer depends, mostly, on the type of nails you have and your preferences. But if your existing tool isn't quite working for you, or if there's a new style that you're keen to try but not quite sure about, here's a handy guide to help you decide.

Nail Clippers

  • Are best for nails that are thin to average thickness.
  • Work well for people who can easily (and painlessly) make a pinching motion with their hands.
  • Will be a solid choice for anyone on a tight budget, or for those who like to keep a spare cutting tool in every room of the house. And in their cars, purses, gym bags, pockets... you get the idea. They're affordable.

Extra Tip: If you hate picking up nail clippings, or the thought of stepping on a clipping you may have missed while sweeping, then opt for a clipper with a catcher. We have a couple of stylish options. Our Neat Clip Nail Clipper offers a splash of color to add some fun to your grooming routine, while our Japanese Nail Clipper with Catcher is chic and high performance.

Nail Nippers

  • Are best for nails that are average to thick.
  • Work well for people who prefer to use the strength of their whole hand while cutting.
  • Will be a solid choice for anyone who is willing to make a slightly larger investment in their grooming tools if it makes their tasks easier.

Extra Tip: Depending on the thickness of your toenails and your flexibility, the Nail Nipper could also double as a toenail cutter. That definitely improves your return on investment and helps to keep your assortment of grooming tools a bit smaller.

Nail Scissors

  • Are best for nails that are thin to average thickness.
  • Work well for people who feel more stable and secure using scissor-style handles.
  • Will be a solid choice for anyone who likes to take their time trimming their nails to perfection, rather than cutting them quickly and then filing them.

Extra Tip: Scissors slice through your nails to give you a nice, clean cut. If you hate having any ragged edges that need to be filed and don't mind investing a little more time and money than you would with clippers, then you can't beat our Nail Scissors.