Scissors - Rounded Tip vs. Pointed

Whether you use rounded tip or pointed tip scissors to trim facial and/or body hair is largely a matter of preference. But, if you're new to the trimming world, how do you know which one you'll like? Here's a handy guide to the benefits of both styles that will, hopefully, help you to decide.

Pointed Tip

Pointed tip scissors are very accurate and will allow you to trim as close to the skin as possible. They are great for trimming mustaches, beards and eyebrows.

Rounded Tip

Rounded tip scissors are a bit less precise because they feature a tip that's been rounded for safety. The tip won't cut you if it's accidentally poked against the skin, which makes it great for people who are uncomfortable having sharp tips near their faces, who are trimming a squirmy child or whose hands aren't very steady. It's also a safer way to trim nose or ear hair, because you can't always see the tip while you're trimming.