Caring for Your Nail Cutting Tools

Properly caring for your nail cutting tools is very simple and can keep them working for a lifetime. Here are a few quick tips for keeping your tools performing at a high level for as long as you own them.

  1. Only use your nail cutting tools to cut your nails. It's so tempting to grab your clippers or scissors and cut the sales tags off your new shirt. Or maybe, just this once, you need to cut the tip off a clogged plastic bottle and your nipper is right there. What are cutting tools for, after all, if you can't cut with them? While every metal tool we sell is certainly up to the job of cutting other materials, the reality is that using them for that purpose, repeatedly, dulls their edges and shortens their useful life. So, remember, nail cutting tools should only be used to cut nails!
  2. Wipe your tool down or shake it out after use. Keeping your tools clean will go a long way toward maintaining them.
  3. Always dry your tools with a towel if they become wet. Even stainless steel tools that are made to withstand rust should not be allowed to sit in liquid for an extended period of time. It only takes a moment to dry them and it helps to prevent unsightly rust spots or, worse, corroded cutting surfaces and joints.
  4. Take care in storing your tools. They are metal and they are durable. However, that doesn't mean you should toss them in a drawer or let them carelessly bang against other objects. Store your tools in a cloth cosmetic bag or even in a silverware caddy. Just try to minimize any rubbing or scratching, especially in the cutting area.