A Guide to Buffing & Shaping

Smooth, shaped nails are less likely to snag on fabric and a healthy glow will improve any manicure. Luckily it doesn't take much time to do either of these things. If you like to see instant results, you'll find filing and buffing to be very satisfying.

Once you choose the right file for your nails, it's quick and easy to shape each nail and smooth the edges. The only two things you really need to keep in mind are to file in one direction, NOT in a seesaw manner, and use a file with coarse grit to reduce length and one with fine grit to smooth.

Adding a healthy shine to your nails is also as easy as 1,2,3. Literally. Using a buffer, gently file the entire top of your nail plate with the pink portion of the file. Do the same with the white portion and finish by going over the nail a final time with the gray side. The longer you buff with the gray side, and the more pressure you apply, the shinier the nail finish will be.