Spring Fresh Dusting Powder Lavender

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e 140 g / Net wt. 5 oz.

Spring Fresh Dusting Powder Lavender scent combines calming notes of lavender with soothing notes of vanilla. The powder comes in a special, feminine container that is both practical and decorative and includes a plush body puff that makes all-over body application and touch up throughout the day easy and enjoyable. Spring Fresh Dusting Powder is made with the finest quality milled, natural talc that is tested to confirm the absence of asbestiform minerals. We take women’s health seriously and although there is no scientific proof that the use of talc is linked to ovarian cancer, we at Belcam Inc., as with the American Cancer Society, recommend that talc not be applied to the perineal (genital) area. Spring Fresh Dusting Powder is proudly made in the USA by an Employee Owned Company.

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