Everyday Essentials Grooming Kit

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Denco’s 6897 Everyday Essentials Grooming Kit is slim, durable and there when you need it.  The kit contains four popular, functional tools in a travel-friendly case.

Precision Scissors:  Featuring sharp, straight blades and pointed tips, these scissors precisely trim long or unruly hair on your face and body. 

Slant Tip Tweezers:  These are ideal for shaping and defining eyebrows as well as general tweezing. 

Nail Clippers:  Reduce length and shape fingernails and toenails with these handy, compact nail clippers.

Nail File:  This durable, long-lasting, metal file with cushioned handle is double-sided and features a fine grit to swiftly shape and smooth rough nails.

Storage Case:  The sturdy case features a hard frame to protect your tools and a cushioned exterior for comfortable and convenient travel.  It closes securely and opens easily thanks to the push-button mechanism. 

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